EEO4 Survey

The EEO-3 survey, formally known as the Local Union Report, is a compliance survey required by Federal law and regulation. The survey is biennial, conducted in even-numbered years.

Who Must File?

This report must be completed in full and filed by or on behalf of all referral local unions subject to Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as amended, which have had 100 or more members at any time since December 31 of the preceding year. (See Section 1602.22 of the regulations in Section 8 of these instructions, and Section 701 (d) of the Title VII for a more exact definition of "labor organization.")

"Referral Union" is a term which describes unions under whose normal methods of operation individuals customarily and regularly seek or gain employment through the union, or an agent of the union.

For the purposes of this report, a local union will be considered to be a Referral Union only if it:

(a) Operates a hiring hall or hiring office (on its own behalf or through a joint council or other referral agent), or

(b) Has an arrangement under which one or more employers are required to consider or hire persons referred by the union or its agent, or

(c) Has 10 percent or more of its members employed by employers which customarily and regularly look to the union, or any agent of the union, for employees to be hired on a casual or temporary basis, for a specified period of time, or for the duration of a specified job.

Filing Deadline: December 31, 2018.

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